Maternal Outreach Program

Maternal death rates in Sub-Saharan Africa account for 69% of all maternal deaths per year worldwide.  1 in 37 women in Africa are likely to die of pregnancy related causes.  The risks are even higher in rural areas because of unaffordable and unimproved health care services and poor infrastructure that hinders the safety and ease of accessing health care services.

Eden Mission is committed to bringing change in the area of maternal and child healthcare.  During our Maternal Outreach Program, we provide:

  • Free Tests
  • Free Pregnancy checkups from Midwives & Nurses, Health care Team and Counselors
  • Free Ultrasound and Scan services
  • Free Clean Birthing Kits (Mama Kits) Research shows that having the proper sterile supplies greatly reduces the number of women dying in childbirth.  Women in the areas we plan to serve must provide their own medical supplies when they go to a hospital or clinic and are often turned away if they do not have these supplies, and most cannot afford the kits that are needed.
  • Provide materials and encourage good prenatal education and care.
  • Provide opportunities for women to connect with partners that are working in their communities that can help provide physical, emotional and spiritual support.

A gift of $10.00 provides all of these services.  An investment in women is an investment in the future!  Please consider helping us to ensure that no mother or baby dies while giving birth in the communities where we serve. 

To donate to the Maternal Outreach Program click here.