Our goal is to create healthy families that serve and love God. Our main focus is a 12-month family training program that enrolls interviewed and approved families. Our vision is "Healthy Families Glorifying God," and we do this by attending to four aspects of these families' lives: Spiritual Development, Economic Empowerment, Health Development, and Social/Relational Development.


Spiritual development is our primary directive. Eden Mission’s goal is to disciple couples to view the physical world through spiritual eyes. We advocate for a refocusing on the gifts and talents God has given his children to better themselves, their families, neighborhoods and country. In our view, physical or economic development without spiritual growth is not true development.


As our family program progresses, the families determine vocations that they want to be trained in with the goal of becoming financially independent. Once the perspective, discipleship and vocational training is completed, groups are formed and Eden Mission then offers scholarships for vocational courses. When couples finish vocational training, Eden Mission offers them tools to start working in a vocation. 


Diseases, infections and medical problems that are easily curable in developed countries can wreak havoc on an individual and an entire family, especially in the Congo where healthcare is poor and difficult to access. In addition to teaching our enrolled families healthy practices, we also hold periodic medical clinics and work with a local doctor to help maintain a healthy group.


God desires us to live in healthy community with one another. We strive to foster healthy relationships and to create strong communities of people working and growing together. We do short and long-term training on both marriage and parenting. Our short-term training is  2-5 days and long-term training is a month. We believe healthy families make a healthy church and many healthy families make a healthy nation. 

our operations cycle

Initial Contact

The news of Eden Mission’s presence and work in Bunia is spreading quickly. The two most effective ways this good news is being transmitted are the testimonies of the member families and the experiences of the visitors to the newly planted church.

Personal Contact

Our program consists of 20 families at a time. As of April 2018, 200 adults have graduated from  Eden Mission's 12-month program. In 2017 alone, over 600 people attended the 3-day seminar on marriage and parenting in the Region of Northeastern Congo. To see our requirements for selecting participants, click here.

Bible/Church Fellowship

In addition to weekly classes, our families and other community members attend a Sunday church fellowship which rotates weekly to different class members' homes. This traveling church, held in various neighborhoods,  creates additional outreach opportunities through greater awareness of the gospel of Jesus and the work God is doing through Eden Mission.

Perspective Training

In countries and communities with a lot of poverty, war, infrastructural challenges, high levels of illiteracy, etc., citizens ask, “Why us?? Why has God forgotten us? Can’t we ever be like other people and other countries?” They believe they are forgotten, they can never be worth anything, and they were born poor and will die poor. They believe there is no God, education is not meant for them, and there is no hope for them.

Well-intentioned people around the world have attempted to fix the problem with monetary support and gifts without first teaching these individuals to think of themselves as children of God. At Eden Mission our first involvement in the lives of these families is a 5-month perspective training. We have seen our graduates' lives change dramatically as they become aware of their identity in God.  We intervene with individualized plans to establish a firm foundation so these families experience transformation, becoming "Healthy Families Glorifying God."

Vocational Training

Christian participants identified through our Bible fellowships and spiritual training programs are given an opportunity to select a 6-month vocational training course once they complete the Attitude/Perspective Training Course. This course helps train them in practical skills that can be used to sustain their families. 

Start up Loan

All graduates of our vocational courses are offered startup capital loans or necessary tools to help launch their businesses. These are loans with specific repayment plans.

Families Helping Families

Once the family unit is strong and empowered, we encourage the couples to help other families who are without the hope of God, just as they once were. This ensures a sustainable model of families helping families, which ultimately strengthens the community.