Family Economic Empowerment

Eden Mission’s Program is divided into two levels. In level one, couples, both husband and wife are taken through a 12-month program that focuses on 5 core aspects of development; Spiritual Development, Healthy Marriages, Positive Parenting & child development, Preventive health training and Personal finance & business development. Upon completion, they start the second level which is the implementation of the business development principles and giving out of micro loans.

Microfinance Program - "Startup Loans"

Eden Mission’s Microfinance program is an established system that provides financial support to saving groups at minimal interest rate. This is an affordable credit facility that enables members to fund their various businesses and projects. These saving groups are products of the families that have completed the 12-month Eden Mission couple’s training and have joined together to form accountability groups that engage in profitable projects and make savings. These groups are well organized and work together in partnership with Eden Mission.

As accountability groups they provide encouragement and business advice to the group members as they seek out to grow together spiritually, socially and economically. With the minimal interest start up loans provided by Eden Mission, these families are able to invest in different income generating ventures or expand their existing investments. This is through taking loans from the Microfinance groups they are actively registered to.

Currently, there are four Saving Groups that have begun after trainings with Eden Mission and are fully operational in Kigezi. The members are investing in different projects like commercial agriculture; both crops and livestock, bee keeping, profitable tailoring and several other businesses. Eden Mission has been successfully monitoring and evaluating the progress of these saving groups and ascertained the positive financial effect they have created to the lives of these families. Many have registered tremendous financial growth as a result of the minimal interest loans.

Family Income Generating Projects

Animal Husbandry

Crop Production

Tailoring and Textiles

General Merchandise