Our goal is to create healthy families that serve and love God. Our main focus is a 12-month family training program that enrolls interviewed and approved families. Our vision is "Healthy Families Glorifying God," and we do this by attending to five aspects of these families' lives: Spiritual Development, Healthy Christian Marriages, Positive Parenting and Child Development, Physical Health Development, and Personal Finance and Business Development.


The purpose of all living things in this world is to bring glory to God.  Eden Mission believes that true spiritual development and growth can only be achieved through a personal relationship and faith in Jesus Christ. We believe God has given gifts and talents to his children to show the love of Christ to all people, and through His power, to transform their families, neighborhoods and country.


Through our training and seminars, people are taught:

  • Who the true God is through the teachings of the Bible; His purpose and plan for creating the family.       
  • How to grow towards spiritual maturity in faith and obedience. 
  • How to walk in Truth and develop the spiritual disciplines of Bible Study, Prayer, Fasting and Meditation.
  • How to live a life of gratitude with thankfulness and praise for all that God provides.
  • The importance of making Christ the center of the family.  To love, nurture and train children to love God and build a legacy of faith to pass on from generation to generation.

In addition, we have follow-up home visits to each couple to offer further discipleship, encouragement and prayer.  Often during these home visits, couples invite friends and family to be able to hear of the Good News of the gospel!


Eden Mission believes that the physical and mental health of families is of great importance.  Eden Mission carries out programs that enable families to access affordable healthcare through trainings and seminars by professional medical personnel.  In these programs families are taught how to make healthy personal and medical decisions to have optimal health. 


Some of the information covered in this program are:

  • Locations of local health providers
  • Health during pregnancy and delivery
  • Adolescent health services
  • Family planning
  • Cause, prevention, detection, and help for Infectious Diseases
  • Risk factors and healthy choices to prevent or help with Non-Communicable Disease
  • Common Cancers – Symptoms, Causes, Treatments
  • Healthy Diet and nutrition – Regular Exercise – Quality Sleep
  • Mental Health
  • General First Aid

Eden Mission has a deep love for helping Pregnant Mother have a safe healthy Pregnancy and Delivery.  Each year we are involved in providing help to mothers through our Maternal Outreach Program.  For more information, please see our Maternal Outreach Page.

Healthy Christian Marriages

Eden Mission’s goal is to establish Christian Marriages that glorify God.  In this program couples are taught the reason and beauty for which God created marriage. They are given a biblical view of the role of a husband and wife, and are shown how to selflessly love, honor and respect one another in marriage in submission to Christ.  This module offers training assignments and home assignments to be undertaken by the couple to help refresh their bond and to understand one another deeply. Communicating is of vital importance and to be done with love and humility.

In addition, Eden Mission staff follows up with In-home-Visits.  If needed, Counseling is offered and the opportunity for biblical reconciliation of martial differences.

positive parenting and child Development

Eden Mission believes every child is a gift from God and uniquely created and valued.  In this program couples are taught the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of children from birth to adulthood.  They are given a biblical perspective on how to nurture, love, communicate and train up a child to love God and become the person God created them to be with their own unique gifts and talents.  Parents are given practical applications to incorporate at home and later given in home visitations for further encouragement and prayer.  If needed, Eden Mission offers professional child counseling.

Personal Finance and business development

This is Eden Mission’s empowerment level to the families enrolled in the program.  Through trainings and seminars, we help equip couples with a positive attitude and skills to maximize their potential and utilize their available opportunities for financial success.


Couples are taught:

  • Biblical understanding of Work and Finances
  • Some of the causes for Poverty and Prosperity
  • Personal and Business Accounting
  • Personal and Business Budgeting
  • Budgeting Analysis
  • Small Business Development

In Addition, though the Establishment of Micro-Finances (Savings and Credit Co-Op), Eden mission offers startup capital loans to families to pursue sustainable development projects.