Kenneth Rwego was born in Southwestern Uganda near the border of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. As a child he enjoyed crossing the border into Congo to visit his friends. It was during those visits that Kenneth saw firsthand the disturbing images of human suffering and broken families. In 1997, Kenneth accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. It was then that he began to feel a strong conviction to share the message of Faith, Hope and Love with the people of Congo. 

Kenneth's first trip to Congo as a believer was in 1998 during his first year of college. Since then, he has traveled to Congo at least once each year to share the Gospel with the people there. Over the years, God has continued to clarify Kenneth and his wife, Abigail's call to go into full-time missionary ministry in Congo through the founding of Eden Mission. With a focus on family, the Rwego Family trusts that Eden Mission will help families find joy, peace and a more fruitful and fulfilling life through Christ Jesus.

Beginning in 2015 Kenneth and his family moved to live in the Congo full-time to continue and expand the work of Eden Mission. 


Eden Mission is kept accountable by a diverse group of board members who oversee and give guidance to our ministry goals. Our board members are from various places such as Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina and Uganda. Their vocations cover a wide range of influence: pastor, lawyer, doctor, business leader, and executive. What they have in common is a passion for empowering people and spreading the love of God.